Social Networks




Social networking, friend or foe, like or dislike but something we cannot ignore, the signs are there but what do they mean and how can we leverage them to market and communicate our products, services…our company.

The social networking sites Facebook and LinkedIn are for sharing information about your status, presence and interests with friends and colleagues, typically Facebook is for when you are in a pair of jeans and LinkedIn for when you are wearing a suit. Then we have Twitter, a place to post short announcements (tweets) about your status, facts and experiences in real time but also a place to follow other people and be updated to what’s happening in their world. YouTube is now the biggest search engine in the world and users are uploading video showing their products, services, experiences and interests, it’s fair to say that many of us now prefer to watch than read and the adoption of broadband and increase in broadband speeds now allow for quality video to be played over the internet.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are some of the biggest players but there are many other comparable networking sites and services to choose from, by reading this article you have succumbed to blogging, a place to comment, describe, discuss and air you views on a variety of subjects.

So how can we leverage these technologies to enhance or market our business and why should we be paying more attention to the signs we pass on a daily basis. The internet has grown to such an extent in the last few years that it is almost impossible to find people who are not using this way of being in touch with people from all over the world. This is just plain and simple communication and a way of keeping you in front of other people. This is a way of advertising, in traditional marketing methods you would advertise through traditional marketing concepts by placing adverts in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and other media. As a business we can take advantage of social networking and use it instead or to compliment traditional advertising and PR. An advert in a newspaper or even radio or TV is an interruption and never has the full attention of the persons to whom it’s directed. With social networking you have the personal attention of your customers and are even able to have a two way communication with them, and more importantly target specific users by location, age, sex, position, company and interests.

In business we must be agile and we must continue to innovate, we must also tell people about our agility and our innovations and how we are leading the way in our respective industries, by using social networking we can achieve this very effectively, very quickly and cost effectively. The wider your circle of customers and individuals, there is more opportunity for you to promote and advertise your business. Social networking can help you to increase the circle of people that you can influence and each person that you contact is almost sure to know others who would be interested in your product or service. Through social networking you can create a reputation that people recognise as reliable and trustworthy, once you have established this you can then direct people to your website so they can learn more about your services and business.

So essentially it’s about keeping in touch, telling people about your needs and aspirations and positioning yourself or business as an industry leader that others want to follow and hear from, but also it’s about the quality that is sometimes overlooked, listening, to what others are saying and what is happening around you and then reacting and changing.

Over the coming months you will see and hear about how Ceuta is embracing and leveraging the social network scene, we are launching a new corporate website and coinciding the launch of our presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a Ceuta Healthcare YouTube channel, we hope you will follow us and will look forward to hearing your comments, and if you like what you see, tell your friends!

So watch out for the SIGNS……..